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Get Connolly's RED MILLS Engage dog food direct from today.

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  • gift vouchers

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    Get €20, €50 and €100 gift vouchers emailed to you. Usable online or in our shop
  • GMK Brass Jag

    GMK Brass Jag
    Split Brass Jag 12 gauge
  • Beretta Cleaning Rope

    Beretta Cleaning Rope

    Avail in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 22-250 and 12 gauge for shotguns and rifles

  • Pigeon Decoy

    Pigeon Decoy
    Realistic looking decoy pigeon
  • Engage Beef - 3kg

    Engage Beef - 3kg
    A fully balanced high meat content diet
  • Engage Chicken - 3kg

    Engage Chicken - 3kg
    The finest quality chicken protein providing your dog with a highly digestible diet
  • Engage Duck & Rice - 3kg

    Engage Duck & Rice - 3kg
    Formulated to give your dogs the very best for sustained health and vitality
  • Engage Salmon & Rice - 3kg

    Engage Salmon & Rice - 3kg
    This recipe is formulated to give your dogs the very best nutrition for sustained health and vitality
  • CPC Standard Black Clays

    CPC Standard Black Clays
    Black standard clays. Collection only
  • CCI Standard Black Clays

    CCI Standard Black Clays
    Standard black clays. Collection only
  • Trigger Lock

    Trigger Lock
    Solid metal construction. Fits any rifle or shotgun
  • Engage Mother & Puppy - 3kg

    Engage Mother & Puppy - 3kg
    Perfect food to provide optimum nourishment for mother and puppy
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