Lamps and Torches

A selection of torches and lamps for hunting or shooting in the dark, including rifle mounted lamps.

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  • GE Rechargable Battery

    GE Rechargable Battery
    A rechargable sealed lead-acid 12V-7.2Ah battery
  • LED Rechargeable Spotlight

    LED Rechargeable Spotlight
    Built-in battery, 2 hours operating time, energy-saving, lightweight
  • Lightforce RMSM140 Lance

    Lightforce RMSM140 Lance
    High performance, compact light for off roading
  • Lightforce RM170 Striker

    Lightforce RM170 Striker
    Compact performance light
  • Lightforce SL240 Blitz

    Lightforce SL240 Blitz
    Light output of one lux at 900 metres

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