Clean your shotgun

Please remember to ensure your gun is unloaded before attempting to clean it.

You will not need many items to maintain your gun and the items you will need won’t be very costly, however if you maintain and clean your gun using the correct methods on a regular basis, it will keep the firearm in top condition for longer. Cleaning your firearm will not take long and will maintain the condition, performance and reliability of the firearm for a longer period. The main items you will need are as follows:Shotgun broken in half

  • Shotgun cleaning kit – This will consist of a cleaning rod, a bronze brush, a soft plastic brush and a mop. All of the brushes will attach to the end of the rod. The rod usually comes in three separate attachable rods, which can be screwed together. Cleaning pads are also useful when cleaning off any residue.
  • Brunox gun oil – Good quality gun oil is an essential to cleaning any firearm. We recommend Brunox Oil. We use Brunox Oil when cleaning all of the shotguns and rifles in our store and we find it the best on the market.
  • Copper Solvent – This might be needed to take off any powder residue. We find the Hoppe’s Copper Solvent the best.
  • Towel
  • Old toothbrush
  • Linseed Oil


The cleaning kit will consist of - cleaning rod, bronze brush, soft plastic brush and a mop (each will attach to the cleaning rod separately).

Firstly, disassemble the shotgun by removing the forend and removing the barrels from the action. Remove multi chokes, if the gun has any.

Now follow our step-by-step guide -

Cleaning a Shotgun

Step 1: Disassemble the gun

Disassemble the shotgun by removing the forend and removing the barrels for the lock or action. If the shotgun you are cleaning is a multi-choked, remove any chokes in the barrels.

Step 2: Bronze Brush

You will now need to spray some gun oil down each of the barrels. Attach your bronze brush to the end of your cleaning rod and push the rod up the barrel, from the chamber end towards the muzzle. Move the bronze brush up and down the barrel several times. This will loosen any lead or debris that will have coated the inside of the barrel.

Step 3: Plastic Brush

Attach the plastic brush to the end of the rod and repeat step 2.

Step 4: Cloth Pads

You can buy pads for this step, however we find just cutting up an old cloth will do the same trick. Cut a patch of cloth and place it on the end of the cleaning rod. Push it up through the barrel and this will clean out any remaining dirt and oil.

Step 5: Mop

The barrel is now clean and you will now need to attach the mop to the end of the cleaning rod to polish the barrel. Same process as before, you just push it up through the barrel several times.

Step 6: Multi-Choked

If your gun is a multi-choked shotgun you must clean the threads on the barrel and the choke. We recommend that the chokes be taken out and cleaned, with some oil and a cloth, after every use.

Step 7: Cleaning the Action and Forend

With the barrels off the shotgun, spray or wipe gun oil all over the action. We recommend spraying if you can, as this will get into all those hard to reach places. The copper solvent will be used on the action to take off any powder residue. Finally apply a light coat of oil before reassembling the gun as this will keep the action lubricated and rust free. Wipe gun oil and steel parts of the forend also.

Step 8: Cleaning the Ejectors

Ejectors on modern guns are easily taken out and cleaned. We recommend that the ejectors should be taken out, cleaned and a light film of gun oil put on them at least twice a year. An old toothbrush is a useful addition to your cleaning kit in this case. It will take away the dirt and debris that builds up in and around the ejectors.

Step 9: Cleaning the exterior of the Barrels

To clean the exterior of the barrels, just spray gun oil all over the barrels and rub with a clean cloth.

Step 10: Stock maintenance

A great way of maintaining the quality of the wood on your stock is by applying boiling linseed oil onto the stock after use. This works best on oil finished stocks and will be needed most after the stock has been exposed to rain, snow, sleet etc. With a lacquered finish rub a damp cloth on the stock and dry off with a clean towel or kitchen paper immediately.

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