Shotgun shooting tips

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Stance and gun mounting are very important in shotgun shooting

Always lean forward with around 60% of your weight on the front foot and the heal of the back foot slightly off the ground. If you are a right hand shot, lean forward on your left foot, with the heal of your left foot off the ground.

Position yourself so that you will be comfortable when you take the shot. Relax, don't tense too much. You need to hold the gun steady but don't hold it too tightly.

Smoothly raise the gun to your shoulder, the stock should be anchored in the pocket of your shoulder, and the comb or the cheek piece of the gun anchored on your cheek.

Keep your eyes fixed on the target. Don't look at the gun or gun barrels. Be aware of the gun but be 98% focused on the target.

Practice for smooth gun mounting

Buy a pen light. Turn on the light and slip it down the barrel of your gun. *Make sure your gun is NOT loaded.

Go into a dark room and practice your gun mounting. If the room is dark enough, you will only see where the gun is pointing with the beam of light. You shouldn't be able to see the gun.

Practice by picking out a point on the wall, mount your gun smoothly and slowly onto the point on the wall.

Practice crossing targets by following the line of the ceiling and the wall. Mount the gun at least 20 times on each point. This will give you a feel for the gun and muscle memory. If you do it three to four times a week, gun mounting will become second nature to you.

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